"Whosoever saves one life has saved a world entire." —Talmud



The Qaddo Family Story


In July 2016, Iman Qaddo, her husband, and their four children landed in Detroit as refugees from Aleppo, a major battleground in the Syrian civil war. The family was beginning to get on its feet when Mr. Qaddo was deported to Turkey where he has been held in detention, not wanting to return to Syria where he fears government reprisal.  


Much as Iman, who is 27, wishes to be reunited with her husband, she is committed to finding a way to stay in the U.S. legally as the best hope for her children's futures. The three oldest children are all in public school and thriving as new English speakers. Having lost their refugee status, the family is waiting for a decision on its asylum application, which will not be taken up by the government until November 2018 because of a large national backlog.


A group of concerned members at Birmingham Temple has stepped in to form Team Qaddo, with the goal of helping the family as they create a path to self-sufficiency.

There are two ways you can help:

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In addition to the PayPal amounts listed below, we have also received $13,500 by mail and in person!